Oslo Cathedral

This is the view of Oslo Cathedral these days (actually its been like this all summer). The normal view you can see here.

The current Oslo Cathedral is the third cathedral in Oslo. The first, Hallvards Cathedral, was built by Sigurd I of Norway in the first half of the 12th century, and was located 1.5 kilometers east of today's Oslo Cathedral.
For almost 500 years, Hallvards Cathedral was the most important church in the city. In 1624 Christian IV decided to move the city a few kilometers west to be protected by Akershus Fortress. After that, Hallvards Cathedral fell into disrepair and decayed. In 1639 the second cathedral was built (Hellig Trefoldighet). This cathedral burnt down only 50 years after it was built, and the current cathedral was finished in 1697.

Photo: by Stormel

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Neva sa...

I assume they are repairing it or fixing it or something with that stuff all around it!

Lothiane sa...

That's right, Neva. I guess they're doing some repair work, but not sure what. :) It's been like that for a while now.