Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof at Alfaset

Alfaset cemetery is quite large and situated in the northern parts of Oslo, quite far from the center. Apart from the "normal" graves, there is one specific area for gypsy graves, one for muslim graves - and there is the cemetery for German soldiers who died in Norway during World War II. I've visited a few times. Even though they were our enemies, it's quite heartbreaking to see all the stone crosses, each with three names on each side. I don't know how many crosses are there, but this photo only shows one part of the cemetery.

3 kommentarer:

Fredrik sa...

Very poetic and calm. The black and white is so right, here.

Matthieu sa...

I visited a similar German military cemetary in Orglandes, Normandy, France. You may follow this link. As the Allies landed in Normandy in June 1944, one can also visit the American burials. You may be intersted in my series related to WW2 cemetaries.

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Matthieu! I couldn't get the first link to work, but I visited your series. Your photos are very good. Thanks for sharing!