Akerselva again

This is another photo from the Akerselva river in Oslo. A lovely evening photo from Anne-Sophie. :-)

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Fio sa...

Magical shot.
In the vicinity of Hausmangata?

Lothiane sa...

Haha! I'm not sure, actually. I'll have to ask the photographer. :)

Jodylynn sa...

I love this photo! I will mark this as a place to see when I visit. Thank you for your comment on my blog "Oslo Treasures". I am so looking forward to my trip---five more weeks. But who is counting?! LOL

Maybe we will meet when I am there! I will need friends! I do have one friend in Oslo, aaahhhh thank God, I don't know if I could do this if I didn't :-)

Take care, have a pleasant evening and keep the beautiful pictures coming!

Lothiane sa...

Hi Jodylynn!

Ooooh, five more weeks, that must be exciting! :D

I'm sure we can meet at some point, let's keep in touch. :) I'm glad you have a friend in Oslo, it does help to know someone.

Thanks for your comment, have a nice evening! :)