The grafitti says "No to EU! Yes to a lot!" At least I think that's what they mean. ;) The last word "møe" is a dialect word from Southern Norway and means "a lot" (mye).

Norway is still not a part of the European Union. Whether or not the country should apply for conventional membership has been one of the most dominant and divisive issues in Norwegian political and economic debate for several decades. The Norwegian people have voted 'no' twice, both in 1972 and in 1994.

If you want to read more about this, visit Wikipedia.

Thank you, Doug, for letting us use his photo!

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Brett sa...

Great study of a building

Anonym sa...

Isn't Møe a prolific Oslo tagger? I see his tags everywhere, e.g. here.

Lothiane sa...

It might be, I'm not really an expert on Oslo's taggers, although the Möe in your picture is spelled differently. :)