Engebret Cafe

This is the oldest restaurant in Oslo (that is still serving). It's from 1857 and used to be the meeting place for actors and actresses from the Christiania Theater back in the old days.

Engebret is situated on "Bankplassen" (the bank square) and is definitely worth a look inside. Unfortunately, the prices are so high that I can't afford to eat there, but I did enjoy something cold to drink.

Photos by: Lothiane

3 kommentarer:

Linda sa...

It looks a very small-scale building for a city centre. What sort of food do they serve there?

Lothiane sa...

It's quite small-scale, but then again, the buildings in Oslo are mostly not very tall (with a few exceptions).

The food there is what you would find in a fine restaurant anywhere, I guess. And just as expencive. :)

Gunn sa...

Thanks for writing about this place. I will take a look and perhaps a stop there next time I am in Oslo.