This must be cold...

Happy New Year from Oslo!

I live next to a construction site. It's sometimes annoying (because of the noise), but it's also interesting to watch the changes from week to week. I take photos almost every day to document the process. (They're building 50 new houses, so this will probably take a while.)

The past few days they've placed this really huge crane there. I must admit I'd rather not be one who has to work at the top of it... I admire these men, it must be cold to do this work during winter time!

Photos by: Lothiane

4 kommentarer:

Leif Hagen sa...

Godt Nytt Ar! Glad to see you back blogging again - hope to see daily photos from Oslo!
med vennlig hilsen fra Minnesota i USA

Lothiane sa...

Hei Leif Hagen!
Thank you for visiting and commenting. :) I'm hoping we'll be more active, yes! :)

Take care :)

Linda sa...

A belated Happy New Year!

I couldn't take either the cold or the height on this crane!

Lothiane sa...

Linda: Me neither, so I mostly stay inside. ;) Hopefully the winter will end soon.