What on earth are they doing?

I went on a little trip to Bogstad today, to try my new camera. It was a beautiful day, although quite cold. All of a sudden we've got winter again, but the sun does a great job of melting it. :-)

By the Bogstad lake, these men were filming. And what on earth is that thing behind them? It seems to be a katapult, but I have no idea why they had placed it here and what they were filming for.

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Kim sa...

Ah, we all love a good mystery. Maybe one of your readers will know something.
Enjoy your new camera!
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Stormel sa...

This is just men being boys...and having fun! ;o)

I think we can expect to see the film here soon:


Lothiane sa...

I think you're right Stormel! I did check out the website, but thought they'd just rented the katapult there. Perhaps they were out making advertising videos. I didn't see the katapult go off, unfortunately.