Evening in Karl Johan

From 23 February The Nordic World Ski Championship has been held in Oslo. All the events is held at Holmenkollen’s new National Arena, which includes the new spectacular Holmenkollen hill and the naturally beautiful Midtstuen hill. During the WSC there have also been public and cultural events at Holmenkollen and activities especially for children.
The medal ceremonies has taken place in the University Square in downtown Oslo. There has been stage shows and a free concert every night, a separate mingling area, an exhibition of ice  sculptures inspired by Edvard Munch and much more. Everything needed to create amajor celebration in Oslo. Both the competitions and the ceremonies have been enormously popular. 50 000 to over 100 000 people have gathered downtown every night!!

Todays picture is of one of the ice sculptures downtown, inspired by (I think) the painting "Evening in Karl Johan" of Edvard Munch. 

The Cross-Country 50 km for men on Sunday will be the last competition in Ski-VM 2011. See more pictures from the championship at Ski-VM 2011's public gallery.

Photo by: Stormel 

3 kommentarer:

Fio sa...

Lovely :-)

Linda sa...

Must be an amazing atmosphere downtown. I will check out our TV listings to see if the cross-country is on - I love watching cross-country skiing, especially when Norway wins!

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