New Holmenkollen ski jump

Happy Easter to everyone!

The weather here in Oslo has been lovely all Easter, and according to yr.no's weather forecast, we'll continue to have sunny and warm weather in the coming days.

Today's photo is of the new Holmenkollen ski jump. You can see what the old ski jump looked like here.

Photo taken by: Lothiane's son

3 kommentarer:

Leif Hagen sa...

Our family visited Holmenkollen last summer! And tomorrow some friends from Oslo will visit us for dinner at our house! I hope you'll start to show us a photo DAILY from Oslo!
Hilsen fra Hagen - God paske

Linda sa...

Stunning. I visited the old one - on a sunny day like this, but in October.
Is that the famous hotel just behind the jump?

Lothiane sa...

Leif Hagen: Thank you so much! God påske to you as well, even though it's a bit late now. :)

I'll post more photos when I can, unfortunately I don't get out of the house much, and even though my view is nice, I think it'll be a bit boring to see a photo of it every day. :)

Linda: Thank you! Yes, that's correct, that is Holmenkollen hotel by the jump. It's a lovely building, I think. :)