Holmenkollen by night

Supposedly, they're going to tear down Holmenkollen ski jump in order to build a new and more modern one. Therefore Stormel and myself went up there one night to take pictures. It was a windy night, we got rain, hail and snow while we were there. But we did get the photos we wanted.

It's kind of sad that they're going to tear the ski jump down, it's been here "forever" and it's one of the most visited sightseeings in Oslo. Hopefully the new ski jump will be just as nice.

4 kommentarer:

Olivier sa...

très belle photo de nuit, les couleurs sont superbes

Lovely picture at night, the colors are beautiful

Kris McCracken sa...

I really like this one! Have you ever had the nerve to give it a go?

Tinsie sa...

Oh no! They can't tear it down, I've not visited yet!!!

Lothiane sa...

Oliver: Merci! or.. thank you! :)

Kris: Haha, no I haven't and that will never happen. ;)

Thinsie: You have to be quick then. But they will build a new one... :)