One Year Anniversary!

Oslo Daily Photo celebrates 1-year anniversary today!


Stormel and Lothiane took this very seriously (of course!) so we brought out all our party effects and went crazy on Lothiane's balcony. Too bad you couldn't all be here! (Unfortunately the balcony is too small, anyway.)

Thanks to all of you who follow our blog, and for all your nice comments - we really appreciate it!

We would also like to send a big THANK YOU to Imzadi who also participates on this blog. :-)

9 kommentarer:

Buster sa...

Congratulations from a fanclub member.

Imzadi sa...

Yay! Oh well, miss the party I see! *lol*

May this blog live forever! 3xhurray!


Lothiane sa...

Thank you, buster!
Følelsen er gjensidig, bloggen din er fantastisk fin!

We missed you here, Imzadi! We have to plan better for next year. :)

Hyde DP sa...

Have a great party - you deserve it.

Per Stromsjo sa...

Have a happy one!

Anonym sa...

Cheers. Bottoms up. Do whatever. Congratulations on 1 year. This is a really nice set of photos.

Kim sa...

Oh, I missed the party! Belated happy first blogoversary wishes. It's good to see the smiling faces that are behind all those great shots! Here's to a wonderful 2nd year!
Seattle Daily Photo

randi sa...

Congratulations s :D
Great photos, and even nicer to get a brand new one every day!

Z sa...

Congrats on the anniversary! Looks like you two know how to party! :-)

Z in Villigen CH