Do not tear me down!

This is the Blitz building in Pilestredet, where Edvard Munch lived for a while. The building was empty for many years, but was occupied by radical youths back in the 1980's. There were demonstrations and fights with the police, but the city has later agreed to let the building be used as "an autonomous counterculture-centre in central Oslo", to use Blitz' own words.

There is a variety of political and countercultural activities going on at Blitz. Monday trough friday Café Blitz is open from 12am - 6pm. At the Café you get Oslos cheapest and definitely best vegetarian/vegan food and drinks.
I don't know if the building will be standing or not, but I hope it will - mostly because of the Scream painting on the side of the building.

2 kommentarer:

Steffe sa...

Every big city needs a autonomous counterculture. Very cool Scream painting indeed.

Hyde DP sa...

I do hope they preserve the building.