In this photo you can see Posthuset (with the sign of Aftenposten on the top) and the Thon Hotel Opera which is quite new. The hotel is situated right next to the railway station, so it's quite handy for tourists.

Posthuset was built in 1975 and was at that time the tallest building in Oslo with 80 meters and 19 floors. This changed in 1990 when the Plaza hotel, 117 meters tall, was built.

Posthuset was earlier known as Postgirobygget and was considered by many to be so ugly it should be torn down. In 2003 the building was renovated; 7 floors was added to it and the building was split into two towers. It was turned into an office building and Aftenposten (one of the main newspapers of Norway) moved in. The building is now 110 meters tall and has 26 floors.

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