Going to the library

There are public libraries all over the country in Norway. These are popular and much used. You will find a wide range of books there, and if they don't have what you want, they usually can get it from other libraries. You can also borrow movies (dvd) and music, and read the latest magazines and newspapers. If you need to get online, most libraries have computers where you can surf the net for free (usually for 30 minutes).

The schools have their own libraries and children are encouraged to borrow and read.

I've used the public libraries since I was very young and still go there regularly. It's a good thing as both my son and I love to read.

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Kimberly sa...

Thank you so much for the helpful posts! It is great getting to know the city through your blog! Can't wait for my upcoming move!
Thanks, Kimberly

Louis la Vache sa...

"Louis" appreciates this post! "Louis" loves to read and has more than 500 books in his home library.