In 2006 an earlier law to ban begging was overturned, and since then Oslo has had an increase in beggers mainly from eastern European countries.

Photo: Mark Wilkinson

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Denton sa...

A sad scene and one common in many parts of the world. What appears to be different is the overturning of the law which banned begging ... We have such a law, which bans begging, however it does not deter those in need ... Instead, their techniques have become more sophisticated. It is common for someone asking for money to walk along beside me, start a conversation, and only after several sentences into the conversation will they ask for money ... I understand the recommended approach, in my city, is to point those in need to shelters and agencies which can help.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks for your comment, Denton. I think that you will find people begging no matter if there is a law against it or not.