The name Telthusbakken is from a large canvas house that existed around 1700.

Telthusbakken is a narrow street located in Oslo, close to the center of the city. Almost all buildings along the street are old and traditional wooden houses, many from the period around 1815 when deeds were issued for the properties.

During the 1500s, the street which is now Telthusbakken was part of the main road passing the Old Aker Church, from east to west of Oslo and further across to the west coast. Sitting on top of the Telthusbakken hill, Old Aker Church was built around 1080 and is the oldest building still in use in Oslo.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson

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Anonym sa...

Hmm...looks familiar. Could this also be it?

Barbara sa...

Pretty color on the houses.Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

babooshka sa...

Interesting ans what a sweet house.

Mark sa...

catseatsocks: Yes, this is the same street as the one in your photo :)