Water skiing ll

The same water skiiers. The island behind them is called Hovedøya (translated to "the main island").

Photo by: Stormel

7 kommentarer:

Hilda sa...

My attention was caught by that sun—lovely!

JM sa...

Beautifull water surface!


babooshka sa...

It is a beautiful image

Per Stromsjo sa...

I agree with Hilda, the sun steals the show.

Rafa sa...

ditto, nice sun capture and the action in front of it

Cora Zane sa...

I just discovered your blog and wanted to say how much I appreciate you posting all the street life pictures.

I do hope you'll post winter street shots in Oslo very soon.

Best wishes!

Lothiane sa...

Thanks Cora! I'm happy to hear that. :) We'll post snow photos as soon as we get snow in Oslo. :)