Flying to Oslo

Flying to Gardermoen Airport, Oslo, this is the view the pilot gets as he approaches the runway, in this case it's runway 19L (19 left).
Sagmoen lies to the bottom left of the photo and the road you can see is the E6.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson

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Kimberly sa...

Wow! Amazing! This is the view I will have next Thursday when I arrive in Oslo! Thanks so much for this blog - it has been very helpful in getting to know the city a little bit before my move.

Lothiane sa...

Hi Kimberly! I hope you'll have a great view when you arrive in Oslo next Thursday. Hopefully you will enjoy living here! I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed our blog! Have a nice trip and please let us know if there's some place in Oslo you'd like to see photos from.