The City Hall

Oslo City Hall seen from the seaside. We have shown you this building before and told you a bit of it's history. Tomorrow we'll have a closer look at one of the details on the wall.

Photo by: Mark Wilkinson

4 kommentarer:

RennyBA sa...

Great photo of the city hall in Oslo!

Btw: I'm a Norwegian and really enjoy your photos from our capital - keep up the good work!

Lothiane sa...

Hi RennyBA! Thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that Norwegians visit this blog as well. :) Perhaps you have some suggestions to places in Oslo we should show on the blog?

Hilda sa...

It's a very handsome building. The reliefs and sculptures on and around it definitely warrant a much closer look.

ken mac sa...

Very pristine city square! Thanks for visiting my blog...and my pal Hilda is here!