Election Day in Norway

Today's the election day for the county/municipal councils around the country. In Oslo you vote twice today; one vote for the city council and one for the district you live in. Oslo is devided in 15 districts, and each has it's own city ward council.

For the first time you need to bring an ID to be allowed to vote.

I did my duty quite early today to avoid the long lines you can expect if you vote in the afternoon. The election is open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. The results will probably not be ready until tomorrow. We have quite a few parties to choose from, so usually we end up with councils mixed with politicians from several/most of these, leaving it hard to get clear majority. Compromise agreements usually means noone is satisfied, at least that's my view on politics in this country.

5 kommentarer:

Mike sa...

I love the curtains, like little changing rooms!

oldmanlincoln sa...

Your voting booths look similar to those or the way we vote in this country. I don't see any differences.

Lothiane sa...

Mike: :) They do, don't they! hehe

Lincoln: That's interesting that they look similar. :)

Michael sa...

Lothiane said, "For the first time you need to bring an ID to be allowed to vote." I think that's amazing! Why the change or why didn't you have to bring one before?

Lothiane sa...

Michael: I'm not sure why this has changed, but until this election all I had to bring was the election card with my name on it. I just told them my name and they found me in the list.

It's much more secure now that we have to bring an ID.

My wish is that next time we can vote on the Internet. :)