The Oseberg Ship

This beautiful viking ship is the Oseberg ship. It was excavated in 1904-05 and was later placed in the Viking Ship museum I've showed you in the two previous posts.

The ship was found in a large burial mound in Tønsberg, a town in Vestfold county. I'm so impressed by how they managed to move the ship from the burial ground to Oslo in a time when they really didn't have all the modern equipment they would have used had it happened today. The ship was made in 820 AD and had been used for a while before it became the grave of two viking women. The ship was fully equipped with jewelry, weapons, household equipment, clothing and everyday items. Many of these are on display at the museum.

(I'm a bit late posting today, this was supposed to be the post for September 14th. Sorry about that.)

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Kate sa...

The perspective is outstanding and you include fascinating information. It looks beautifully restored, too. I'm familiar with the shape of these beautiful crafts because of a facsimile of a Viking ship in Duluth, Minnesota.

Anonym sa...

Such wonderful lines - thank you for the fantastic photos every day!


(from that NOLA viking ;-)

Bleeding Orange sa...

Your picture is great and the ship is really impressive!

Lezard sa...

Thanks for showing this picture. I actually visited this museum some years ago, and have always remembered how impressive this ship was...

Michael sa...

Same here lezard, always nice to see this from this perspective as well. Kate, I figured if they could move all of those Scandinavians to Minnesota, moving this ship would be a breeze! ;-)

Lothiane sa...

Kate: Thank you so much! I didn't know you have a vikiing ship in Minnesota. I was over there several years ago. If I'd known I'd have tried to see it. But I did find a store that sells Norwegian things. :)

Hey, NOLA viking! ;)
Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I'm happy you visit me still. *big hugs*

Bleeding Orange: Thank you, I'm happy you like this ship, I think it's beautiful too.

Lezard: That's interesting that you've visited the museum. Glad you like it!

Michael: Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. :) But I hope you and Kate aren't planning to move the ship to Minnesota?! ;)