View from the Opera house

Yet another photo from the new Opera house in Oslo. This is from the day they opened this new building for the public to see what it'll be like. The building is built in a way so you can actually walk on the roof as you can see in this photo.

Today's photo gives you a view towards some of the harbour and the huge pinkish building in the back is Oslo dock warehouse. (Not sure what the English expression would be, but I hope you understand anyway.) I've always thought it to be a beautiful building and as a kid I dreamt about living in it like a castle. :-)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Hyde DP sa...

Didn't see the other pictures until I scrolled down. At first sight [before enlarging] I thought it was snow and this a ski slope.

I'm amazed how white it is and clean - I don't think I'd want to risk climbing that steep slope but I'm sure it is a wonderful view from on top. Is there a lift?