From the seaside

The same Opera House as yesterday, but another view.

This is actually the view from the top of the DFDS-ship, while leaving Oslo heading towards København, one week ago.

Photo: by Stormel

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Steve Buser sa...

Looks like you could launch a pleasure boat from the bottom by the water.
--steve buser
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Abraham Lincoln sa...

That is a nice looking opera house near the water. I like your photo of it too.

Abraham Lincoln
Down Memory Lane

Michael sa...

Have you seen Eric from Paris Daily Photo in your wonderful city? I understand he is in town this weekend!

Any chance of some photos of the Munch museum or the park nearby?

~tanty~ sa...

It looks like a big opera house. Please post another photo of it when it is finish.

Stormel sa...

Thanks for your comments!

There will definitly be another picture of the Opera House when its finished! :o)

Sorry, I haven't seen Eric from Paris - yet...but who knows, maybe I'll stumble into him somewhere. :o)

I got some pictures from the botanical garden, taken this spring. Maybe I'll use some of them the next days ;o)