The Botanical Garden

On request from Michael todays picture is from the Botanical Garden. :o)

"The Botanical Garden is a green oasis in the city of Oslo – a place to get inspiration and experience beauty. Its main mission is to keep documented collections for research and teaching, to increase the knowledge and understanding of plant diversity, the basis of life on earth, and to contribute to the conservation of threatened plants.

The Botanical Garden of the Natural History Museum plays an important role in the research and teaching of systematic botany at the University of Oslo. In addition, primary schools and high schools, particularly in the Oslo region, make good use of the Botanical Garden's resources for teaching. Together with outreach specialists at the Museum, the Botanical Garden offers its own educational program."

The Botanical Garden is a really beautiful place!

Photo: by Stormel

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Abraham Lincoln sa...

That is a very tranquil scene. I like it.

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Lothiane sa...


Zanabel sa...

Oh, how I would love to be there. Vakert!

Annie sa...

These trees have so much character and personality.

Michael sa...

Oh thank you! I love this place. Thank you so much!