Its been raining a lot in Oslo this summer, but occasionally the sun comes out and shine for a little while. And dark clouds, rain and sun all together at the same time often make a wonderful and very special light, and like in this picture; rainbows!

This particular day was really dark and sad all day. Then suddenly the light changed and these rainbows showed up behind hotel Oslo Plaza. Fortunately I had my camera available. :o)

Photo: by Stormel

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Anonym sa...

It is a bright arc of color against a very dark sky. It looks like rain.

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Stormel sa...

Yes, even if the sun was shining, it was still raining.

Neva sa...

What a beautiful rainbows! Lucky you had your camera!

Curly sa...

Really nice shot, I got a rainbow too yesterday when I shot the Red Arrows, I think I'll post it tomorrow.

Today I have the Red Arrows.

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Kristie sa...

I love your website and beautiful photos! I am moving to Oslo soon (from California!) so its really cool to see the pictures. Its so different there than it is here. Anyways, thank you for sharing!

Webster sa...

I stayed in that hotel. It was great, had a sauna on the top floor with a window providing views to the fjord.

Great photos, lovely blog.