Another big boat

This is another one of the big ships that arrive in Oslo everyday. I have some vague memories of being very drunk onboard of one of these. Not my proudest moment, but I guess most young adults in Oslo share that experience.

These ships go to Denmark (and some to Germany) and all sell inexpencive alcohol and tobacco onboard in their taxfree-shops. These things are very expencive in Norway, so people go on these trips to buy the "bad stuff". Well, they also go to have fun and on holidays.

In the background you can see the colourful cottages on the small islands situated in the inner parts of the Oslo fjord. My father and his family lived on an island like that each summer until he moved out. My grandparents continued to live there until they were too old. Some great memories for me. :-)

Photo: by Lothiane

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Anonym sa...

I still think all of these ships are top-heavy and can't understand what keeps them from rolling over on their tops. They are nice looking vessels.

Lothiane sa...

I noticed what you wrote about the top-heavy ships, Abraham. I've never thought about it, but you're right... they do look like they could roll over any minute.

Thanks for visiting! :)

lv2scpbk sa...

I was looking through your past few days photos and you have some really nice shots of the boats.