Spirit of the Wild

This is taken in the evening near Aker Brygge, at Rådhusplassen. It's Steve Bloom's exhibition in Oslo. Many pretty pictures of wild animals!
Photo: by Lothiane

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Z sa...

What a great display. I didn't even realize it was outdoors until I read your comment about it being evening. The sky looks beautiful, though stormy. We're having a lovely clear day here in Villigen, with temps in the 30s (C). Maybe a bit too high, especially after a week of being in the teens.

Thank you for your visits. See you again soon!

Imzadi sa...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, it's was rainy that day, but not just when my sister took the photo :)

Bleeding Orange sa...

The photos look really great. when I went to Oslo, I think there was a Yann Artus Bertrand's exhibition.

Lothiane sa...

Bleeding Orange: It's nice to have these exhibition outdoors for everyone to see. I love the idea of bringing art out to everybody and not just those who chose to go to see it.

I've never heard of Yann Artus Bertrand. Hope it was a nice display!