There's always the sun

Finally a sunny day! This is my view of the inner parts of the Oslo fjord, taken this morning.

Photo: by Lothiane

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~tanty~ sa...

Oh, beautiful view. Today sun is shining too here in Stavanger. Very nice photo Lothiane.

Guess what, I'm back :)

Lothiane sa...

thank you Tanty! :)

And welcome back, I'm happy to hear that! :)

Anonym sa...

I love this view. Congratulations on your good weather at last. I have been meaning to stop by and comment since I joined DP. My nephew lives not far south of Oslo, so I have been there often and am always eager to return. You have given me lots of ideas for new things to see and do and I plan to keep visiting!

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Lothiane sa...

hello Zanabel and thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

That's nice to hear... that your nephew lives in Norway and that you've visited several times. Glad to see I've given you ideas!