Eidsvolls plass

This is a park in the front of the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo, which you see in the background of the picture. It's a beautiful park between the Karl Johans gate and Stortingsgata. In the summer people use this for resting and enjoying watching the life at the streets.

In 1956 it were build by the Christiania Spigerverk (which make nail/spikes) and it got called Spikersuppa (The Spike soup) by the people. Arne Durban made the statues of the children.

The flags you see at the left side is from the hotel Grand, which is one of the most dashing hotels of Oslo. The winners of Nobel peace Price use to stand at the balcony of Grand.
Photos: by Imzadi

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That's great, sis! :D

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Imzadi sa...

You don't know how much information you can find at internet! ;)

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