This is the watch with the Freia at. It's at Egertorget in downtown of Oslo. My sister Lothiane can see it from her balcony. This is taken from the top of Grand hotel. Great view!

Photo: by Imzadi

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Fabrizio ikol22 sa...

Yes it's a great view but what I love most is the photo that let see from where it has been taken. Great feature !

Lothiane sa...

Good one, sis! :)

It's so nice to sit on my balcony watching the Freia sign change colours. :)

Ah, I loved it at the Etoile bar... hehe, we gotta go back there sometime soon.

Imzadi sa...

fabrizio: Thanks for your comment at my photo. It's true it's nice to see where the photo is taken.

Lothiane: Yes, we have to! After the summer-vacation is over?

Abraham Lincoln sa...

Nice view. Nice clock. You mean something changes colors on the clock?

Thanks too for your visits to my blog.

Abraham Lincoln

Lothiane sa...

Hi Abraham! :)
The white "stripes" that surrounds the clock are light"bulbs", and in the evening they will light up. It has a pattern... the lights starting at one end and then the next and the next, until all of them are lit up, and then they go back to dark. And again... :)

Bergson sa...

I want chocolate no wtach ;_)

Lothiane sa...

Bergson: I want chocolate too! :) Do you want to share one with me? :)