Dinner for one?

I spent a great afternoon and evening down by the seaside at Frognerstranda, a place where you have a great view of the inner parts of the Oslo fjord. Huge ships came and went, people enjoyed a sunny day out on their boats, and I spent a few hours drinking ice cold beer with some nice people.

This seagull seemed to know this place well. He sat on a roof nearby, closely watching when people was served, not going to miss any chance to get a good meal.

First, he almost stole some man's dinner. We managed to scare the big bird away, but he didn't give up. Later he found two plates with leftovers and had a fiest!

Photo: by Lothiane

5 kommentarer:

Ms Camilla sa...

For et flott bilde! Fantastisk. Hva slags kamera er brukt her? Hilsen Camilla ^_^

Neva sa...

This is amazing! not afraid of people obviously!

travelphilippines sa...

hehe bad seagull

Lothiane sa...

Ms Camilla: Takk skal du ha! Jeg bruker et gammelt kamera: Et Nikon coolpix 995. Finnes ikke i handelen lenger. Jeg er fornøyd med det, men det er på langt nær bra nok nå... må bare skaffe penger så skal jeg nok ha meg et nytt og bedre. :)

Neva: thanks for commenting! :) This seagull had obviously been here before and didn't seem to scare easily.

Travelphilippines: haha, yeah real bad seagull! :)

Fabrizio ikol22 sa...

Seagull aren't *exactly* friendly with humans so I don't amaze he didn't fly away.