Color Line II

This is the Color Line Festival arriving at the terminal, the place I showed you in my last post.

Photo: by Lothiane

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Anonym sa...

This is a beautiful ship. When I see these boats or ships I see how top heavy they are and wonder why more of them do not roll-over in rough seas. I see those monumental cargo or container ships that are even larger and more top heavy and they don't roll over or haven't yet.

Anonym sa...

Is this the boat that goes to København? It passes right by the place I stay in Drøbak when I'm in Norway. I always love to see it.

Olympia Daily Photo

travelphilippines sa...

o wow i would love to ride in tha ship... i have a Norwegian freind he isa captain for seabourn.

Ms Camilla sa...

Ahh.. Memories, memories... This is a fun-ship! :-D

Lothiane sa...

I think this is the boat that goes to Denmark, yes. :-) There is also one going to Kiel in Germany.