This is one of the waterfall in Akerselva. Just above the brigde Sannerbrua. It's one of the main-rivers of Oslo and an important for the manufacturing industries. It's also the classical border between the west and east of Oslo. The west-side were the best and rich, while the east were the workers land. And it's also a different dialect between west and east. West have the high-class, while the east are where people talked slang and low-class.

Last days the Akerselva have been big, because of much rain. So it's much bigger than on the picture! In the wintertime, the waterfall is under ice, and it's beautiful. I see the waterfall everyday when I travel to my work.

Photo: by Imzadi

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Lothiane sa...

This is a nice photo! I love the river too. :) Akerselva is a nice part of Oslo.

Imzadi sa...

Thanks sister!