This is specially for my friend Per in New Orleans. :-)

This is a "trikk", which is the Norwegian name for trolley/tram. There are several in Oslo, mostly in the central area. They come in different types and colours, this one is quite modern compared to the old blue ones I remember from my childhood.

We also have a subway system, and of course a lot of busses and trains.

Photos by: Lothiane

5 kommentarer:

~tanty~ sa...

It looks clean and I especially like the color. Great shots!

Damon sa...

it's definitely clean and comfy,
I like taking trikk to go around Oslo :D

but I never see the old one,
I hope I can see it from here in the future, haha

Lothiane sa...

Thank you for your comments! :)

If I see an old trikk, I will take a photo! :D

Per sa...

Yup... not like the old ones I remember either :-)

Tusen takk for bilden (I know I messed that up ;-)


Lothiane sa...

Hi Per! :)

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'll continue to look for the old "trikk". Hopefully, there are some still running.

You didn't mess up, not bad at all. Just add an "e" after "bilden" and you're 100 % correct.