The new Opera House

This is the new Opera House in Oslo. As you can see, it's still under construction.

The base area of the Opera House is the same as the total area covered by four international standard football fields. The building has 1100 rooms grouped in a number of sections, such as public area, stage area and production section.

The official opening will be in april 2008.

Photo: by Stormel

4 kommentarer:

Bleeding Orange sa...

Seems that it will e a very modern building. Exactly the kind of buildings I love to photograph, so I'll have to come back to Oslo one day!

travelphilippines sa...

oh my thats huge.. i need to be there on its opening day..

Neva sa...

wow,,,,this is huge! Nice photo.

Ann (MobayDP) sa...

wow! Very nice!