This summer has really been quite miserable, when it comes to the weather. I still enjoy the holidays, though. :-)

Photo: by Lothiane

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Anonym sa...

This summer has been one of extremes. I think it will go down in the history books as the first year Global Warming made a difference in worldwide weather patterns. You have rain and we have heat and drought. Some places around us have had extremely heavy rain.

Your manhole cover photo shots your wet day. I hope it gets back to normal for you.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Lothiane sa...

Sadly, I think you're right Abraham. As far as I've heard the weather has been strange in many places all over the world. It's scary to think of, but I hope it'll go back to normal again.

Bergson sa...

It is necessary to keep confidence in west of France the sun arrives.

A very beautiful photograph

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Bergson! :)

I'm happy to hear you have sun now. Hopefully we'll have some sun soon.

~tanty~ sa...

Yes, summer this year is not good. It has been raining the whole week :(
But I still hope that sun will shine on the weekend so I can go out taking some photos, hey, I guess I miss DP already :)