Rainy weather

I am back from Scotland where I had a great time! Too bad I can't submit photos from my trip here, but I'm adding an album online soon and will share the link for those who're interested.

The weather in Oslo is awful these days. It's raining and the temperature is quite low. I do hope we'll have some more summer soon!

This is a photo from another rainy day.

Photo: by Lothiane

5 kommentarer:

Curly sa...

Ordinary subject, but nicely portrayed. This looks great in black and white Lothiane.

South Shields Daily Photo

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, curly! I like to portray ordinary subjects, but trying to find some kind of emotion in it.

Bleeding Orange sa...

Great photo with a good light.

Bergson sa...

I like this black & white

Lothiane sa...

Thank you! :)