Dramatic sunset

Okay, I'll admit it. I don't have much inspiration these days, at least not regarding photo. I'm sure it'll come back (especially after I'm done redecorating the bedroom), but meanwhile I'll submit pictures from a time where I did have more inspiration. :-)

This is taken in Oslo a couple of years ago, in December, probably around Christmas Eve. And it's taken right outside the house I grew up in.

6 kommentarer:

Stormel sa...

Beautiful! :o)

Lothiane sa...

Thank you. :)

Jilly sa...

This is an absolutely beautiful photograph. Sure if you walk about, camera in hand, you will soon get inspired.

Lothiane sa...

Thanks Jilly! :)

I don't really walk around much, as my health is really bad, but hopefully I can take a car trip someday soon.

Kristie sa...

I think this photo is beautiful! But I wanted to let you know I tried to Nominate your blog for the "photo blog awards of 2007" at this website http://vote.photoblogawards.com/. But I think you have to do it yourself then I can vote for you. If you nominate yourself let me know so I can go back and vote for you!

Lothiane sa...

Thanks so much, Krstie! :)
I've nominated the blog today, I even voted for it. ;)

You'll find the link in the post Mother and child, December 12th.