A nice place to live

This is another photo of Holmenkollen - the ski jump. You can only see the top of it. This is an area where people with quite a bit of money like to live. The closer you get to Holmenkollen the better. The prices are high and the houses are quite big. In this area you'll actually find houses with grass growing on the roof. (Not in this photo, though.) In the countryside in older times, this was quite normal - but not at all considered "fancy". Now, rich people sometimes choose this, perhaps to show that they appreciate the culture and history?

3 kommentarer:

martineb sa...

Indeed, very beautiful place!!

Happy new year 2008!

Dusty Lens sa...

Looks like a pretty town. nice ski jump too. One of the winter olympic sports i enjoy to watch is ski jumping.

punkinsmom sa...

I love the turf-roofed houses. I think another reason you see them more is their energy efficiency. They are (in every sense of the word) green!