Mother and child

This is a statue in The Vigeland Park (or Frognerparken as we often call it). This park is one of Oslo's main sights; always lots of tourists. But the citizens of Oslo use the park too, it's one of my favourites places during all seasons.

More information about Vigeland Sculpture Park.

NB: Thanks to Kristie, I've nominated this photoblog at the Photoblog Awards. If you like to vote for Oslo Daily Photo, please visit this link.

By the way, no snow in Oslo yet, but we have some really nice weather these pre-Christmas days. Wishing you some not-too-stressful time! :-)

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4 kommentarer:

Jackie sa...

This is a beautiful statue and lovely photo!

Glasgow Daily Photo

Lothiane sa...

Thank you, Jackie! :)

punkinsmom sa...

I never understood how any mom's breasts could be so perky....
Still, I'm a big fan of Vigeland.

Lothiane sa...

Punkinsmom: I agree! Perhaps this woman adopted her child? :)