Mysterious Oslo

Thanks to Miss Skavlan, I've been allowed to show you these mysterious and quite unique photos. This is a big mystery to many people. Who made these footprints and why?

They were first seen at Bislett near a store that sells paint. I thought they had done this to bring customers to their store, but then another person reported of similar footprints somewhere else in Oslo. My theory now is that there might be some art students who've made these for a project. Or perhaps a party that went wild?

4 kommentarer:

Rambling Round sa...

Guess they make a good topic of conversation.

Ackworth Born sa...

I wonder if they are like the ones on our pavements http://hydedailyphoto.blogspot.com/2006/11/painted-footprints.html

It turns out they were put down to direct schoolchildren along a "safe" route to school. I recall Novaro DP in Italy reporting similar footprints there.

Frøken Skavlan sa...

I don't think they are, because some of the footprints are just dancing around a tree outside a coffeeshop.

I'm really curious about them, it's fun to think about someone in the dark of the night dancing around with paint on their feet:)

Zanabel sa...

You always find the most fascinating things to photograph. I'd love to know the story behind these. Everyone loves a mystery, I guess!