This shot is from a hike last summer. It's a view from the part of Oslomarka that is called Nordmarka (which would be "the field of north" in english).

"Oslo is beautifully situated at the head of Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested ridges (Oslomarka), and this very location gives Oslo unexpected qualities for a national capital.

Arable fields, vast forests and untouched nature areas surrounding the city are only twenty minutes from the centre. They provide recreational opportunities that are frequently taken advantage of by the city’s inhabitants, as well as increasingly by visitors, in summer and winter alike. Do you know of any other capital where you can go skiing and kayaking, make excursions to a nearby island or go skating – all within the city limits?

Oslo has a population of five hundred thousand, which is relatively low compared to most European capitals. However, it is paradoxically one of the largest in terms of area. Oslo covers more than 450 square kilometres, most of which comprises forests and arable land."

Photo: by Stormel

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Forks and Forest sa...

Beautiful photo. I also like the comments and descriptions. Great site. Being of Norwegian descent, and Oslo in particular, I enjoy seeing pictures of the homeland of some of my ancestors.
Thank you for the view of your piece if the world.

Bergson sa...

Very succeeded
I adore the coloured bands