The roof of Opera

Today, my father, son and myself went for a walk. First, we took the boat from Vaterland to the Opera (Bjørvika) and it's special because it's underneath the roads and buildings, like a tunnel for the river (Akerselva). Then we went for walk at the Opera, which were only open today. (the news article is only in Norwegian). Afterwards we went to Sørvika where the tunnel across Oslofjorden will be built and went almost under the surface. When we were done with that, we took the boat back to Vaterland. It was an awesome day!

The picture shows how big the Opera really is, I thought it would be much smaller. But when I saw all the people all around, I realised it is BIG! And it's still a building-site. It'll be finished in December, but will not open for public before April.

Photo: by Imzadi

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Lothiane sa...

Wow, lucky you - I've not seen this building yet, apart from a quick view from the road nearby. Sounds like you had a nice time!

Imzadi sa...

Yes, I did have a nice day! :)