The last few days we've had a wonderful summer weather in Oslo, and thus we went to Norsk Folkemuseum yesterday. I've been meaning to go there all summer, but uptil now the rain had stopped that idea.

This museum is a large outdoor area with old houses from all over Norway. You can also experience people making traditional food or playing traditional music.

I soon discovered this woman with a strange instrument. It is a "Nyckelharpa" (= key harp), an old instrument widely known and used in Sweden. I wish I could share the sound with you, it's so beautiful. If you're interested in reading about this instrument, please visit this really good page from the American Nyckelharpa Association. I found a lot of "nyckelharpa" on Youtube, you can listen there.

I hope the woman doesn't mind me putting her photo up here, but this is the one that best show the nyckelharpa. I think it's such a beautiful, fascinating instrument with a pleasant, melancholic sound.

Later, I could hear her playing again, this time she was walking first in some sort of procession:

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I like your photo today and then I read your post and went to You Tube and listened to the music. It sounds a lot like our fiddles or violins but I didn't listen to the whole song so it might be different from the parts I heard. It is nice to listen to.

Lothiane sa...

It does sound a bit like fiddle! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonym sa...

I loved visiting this folk museum on my first trip to Oslo and would really like to go back. Thanks for the pictures and the description.