The angry boy

We're giving you a tour through the Vigeland park these days. We started at the main gate and are now walking you towards the Monolith. On our way, we pass a bridge - not over troubled waters - but over a small lake with many birds that you can feed. On each side of the bridge there are lots of beautiful statues. One of these - and the most famous one - is 'Sinnataggen' (The angry boy).

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2 kommentarer:

TeamSplashi sa...

Why is angry boy , angry ?
No Ice cram or some one stole his clothing?

Nice photos

Lothiane sa...

I'm not sure why he is so angry, but it might be because he's been cut down and stolen a few times? Or because the graduating youth ('Russen') have painted him blue (or red) sometimes?

Or perhaps there's some other story behind his anger, unfortunately I don't know it. :)