The Munch Museum

This is the entrance to the Munch Museum at Tøyen in Oslo. If you visit Oslo I'd really recommend a visit. Nearby, you'll find several other museums worthwhile visiting. I'll probably visit them and tell you about them later.

I wish you all a great weekend!

3 kommentarer:

Per Stromsjo sa...

What happened to that stolen masterpiece? Was it recovered?

Anonym sa...

Hi Per! You're probably thinking about the stolen masterpeices; Scream and Madonna. They were recovered, but they're both in bad shape. Experts are working on them and they'll probably be back on the walls of the museum sometime before summer 2008. At least that's what I was told by one of the guards.

Anonym sa...

I checked the museum's pages, and found this page about the conservation of the Scream and Madonna. Quite interesting.

There is another version of the Scream, hanging in the National Gallery. I'll try to visit one day. :)