Mother-of-pearl clouds

This afternoon another spectacular view appeared in the sky....mother-of-pearl clouds! They were beautiful!! :o)

A website called Atmospheric Optics gave me the following information about the clouds:

"Nacreous clouds, sometimes called mother-of-pearl clouds, are rare but once seen are never forgotten. They are mostly visible within two hours after sunset or before dawn when they blaze unbelievably bright with vivid and slowly shifting iridescent colours. They are filmy sheets slowly curling and uncurling, stretching and contracting in the semi-dark sky....read more"

Remember the spectacular view I showed you on December 17th? The atmospheric optics-site gives us an explanation of this too...it turns out to be a ice halo whith sundogs! :o)

Photo: by Stormel

2 kommentarer:

Lothiane sa...

I'm so happy you told me about them yesterday, so I got to see them too. They were beautiful and unforgettable. My photos didn't turn out well, as I didn't have a tripod, but at least I got to see them.

Thanks for the info. It's really great... we've seen two quite special and spectacular sky phenomens in just a few months. :)

Greg sa...

Wow they are quite stunning! Thank you for sharing :-)