Munch is back?

Yesterday, I went to the Munch museum with my son after he suggested it. The exhibition they show now is called Seasons - Changing landscapes. It is allowed to take photos, but not using a flash, so this photo is not very good.

It may seem like Munch is back, as the painting equipment was standing there ready. I asked a guard and he said that he wasn't sure what this was about, but they might be shooting something for TV. The painter was obviously on a break, at least we didn't see him.

What we did see however, was Edvard Munch's own recordings; film made by Munch himself. It was not very impressing, but still fun to see the old filming dating back probably a 100 years or so.

We got a question yesterday:

i'm going to visit olso next week, and m coming from asian country that not familiar with Cold weather, if possible, would you be kind enough to show some photo of people's clothing/dress code during this winter in Oslo, so that i wont be under/over dress.

Thank you for the question! I don't have any photos to show you of how to dress, but I would suggest bringing warm sweaters, like woolen sweaters or a fleece jacket. Right now it's not too cold (around 0 C), but you never know how it'll be in a week. We might have - 10 C and then you'll need something underneath the pants as well, like woolen tights/long underwear. And of course, a nice, big warm jacket/coat. Also, bring gloves and something to wear on your head (warm cap), otherwise you'll loose a lot of your body warmth. I found this page that gives some nice advice, also this page, hope that will help you! The 'dressing in layers' is really good advice.

I wish you a great time in Oslo! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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