To the cinema?

A few days ago, my son and I went to the cinema to watch the Golden Compass. (We liked it!) This is the Colosseum cinema at Majorstua in Oslo. It's the largest cinema in Oslo, and has 4 show rooms. The largest hall has 978 seats and according to what I've read online it is the world's largest THX-certified cinema hall.

At the moment the main movie at this cinema is a Norwegian movie called 'the Kautokeino riot' (my translation). I haven't seen it.

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Anonym sa...

That’s untrue.

CinemaxX Hamburg-Dammtor’s largest hall has 1001 seats and THX EX® as well.


Lothiane sa...

Okay, someone needs to update the Wikipedia page. ;) Thanks for the info!

Colosseum is large anyway! :)

Karoliina Urso sa...

Hej pa dig Oslo - Kautokeino Riot sounds like a real Laplander revolution with ice picks and all..

Anonym sa...

Hei Karoliina!
I haven't seen the film yet, but I found a webpage about the story. There was an attempted revolution in 1852, where the samis/lapps attacked the Norwegians living in Kautokeino.

I actually found a page in English about the movie. It's called The Kautokeino Rebellion.

~tanty~ sa...

The dome looks very interesting.

Anonym sa...

There is no THX certified cinema in Hamburg,Germany. So Colosseum in Oslo is still the world largest THX certified cinema. Search for THX cinemas here: www.thx.com