Oslo Plaza by night

This is the first shot with my new toy, a super wide-angle zoom lens! So far I am satisfied. :o)

The picture shows the Radisson SAS hotel; Oslo Plaza, and the street called Schweigaardsgate.

Photo: by Stormel

6 kommentarer:

g_mirage sa...

My dad used to tell me stories about Norway when he travels there. Your photo relives those stories to me. Danke! Wonderful shot!

Stormel sa...

Thank you! Its so nice that our pictures can relive those stories! :o)

tirion sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
tirion sa...

Very good shot!

Is that a star or the midnight sun,shining on the sky?

Greetings from Istanbul : )

Stormel sa...

Thank you!

Actually, that is the moon! :o)

Matthieu sa...

Nice shot. I had the opportunity to stay in a Radisson hotel in the vicinity of Paris. Great !